This site represents the result of a life long journey with its struggles and enjoyments.

  I build it to share the information I found along the way. Is all based in medical research. Your doctors have so many patients and they may be as busy as you are in their private life. They have too little time to keep up with the latest information. They are not gods. They are just human beings like me and you. And any doctor that pretends to know everything in their area of expertise – I will advise you to stay away of him/her.

  Anyway. While I was looking on this information for long time, I became very serious about it when I was diagnosed with fibroids. The doctor told me that I have very limited options. I get laparoscopy every certain amount of years (depending on the rate of the fibroids growth) to destroy the major fibroids. Or, I get a hysterectomy. I was 35 at that time. Fast forward few years later and 2 more laparoscopic surgeries and I was told that I have a very limited number of laparoscopic surgeries that I can have before having serious damage to my abdomen. So, I was told to think very serious about hysterectomy. I am quite a stubborn person sometimes. And I didn’t even want to consider such a thing. How a guy will feel if he is told that he needs to get his thing cut? Why doctors think that is just nothing for a woman to go through such a horror?

  So, then is when I decided to do my own serious research and find a solution. I spend a lot of hours and white nights. But I found out that you will always find an answer. Of course I bumped in sites and people selling anything from plain water to snake oil pretending that will cure everything. But I continue searching and found a wealth of medical research catching dust (or the electronic equivalent of it) in various medical journals. Research done on human trials and even implemented in some hospitals. Research ignored by the majority of doctors because is not in their school books. Wasn’t easy. But in the end not only I stopped the fibroids from growing but I even reversed some of the growth. While I couldn’t get rid of them completely – they didn’t grow beyond 2.5 cm until I got stupid and stop the supplement that helped so much. Paid the price. But when I went back on it, same thing happened. They start shrinking again. And this time I found even more research and with an addition of few extra herbs seems to be possible to shrink them completely. Very honestly, didn’t get to that point yet. The smaller they get the slower they shrink. But with every ultrasound they look smaller and smaller. I do them around every 8 months.

  I know you want to get to this information as fast as you can. And I am trying my best to get this site finished. But I am building it in my spare time. And lately seems to not have too much of it. So, please be patient and check it periodically. I promise that I will not stop until I put out there all the information I have. But timeline wise I can’t give any promises. I will do it as fast as my time and personal life allows it.

  Also, I want to make very clear. I didn’t build this site for any personal interest or profit. All the advertising here is linked with the health research of its area. These are supplements that I tried personally. Even more, these are the places that I found that have the lowest price that I could find. And where I shop personally. If you find any better ones please feel free to e-mail me and I will share it with the rest of people reading this site. In the spirit of full disclosure I admit that I join their affiliate program. But the incentive is so small (and only if you buy using the links provided in this site) that if this site becomes successful it will hardly cover the cost of maintaining it (domain registration, hosting etc). I didn’t build it to make money but to help other people that may go through what I went through. The fibroids being only one example.

  I am not a doctor – so I can’t help you with any medical advises. For these you will need to consult your doctor. But you will find (on the bottom of each page) the medical articles on which I based my information. My advise is that after you read the information I presented – to print the references and have a discussion with your doctor.

  While I can’t help you medically, I am a certified Life Coach and Professional Engineer (PEng). So I can┬ácounsel and encourage you in taking the best decisions in your personal life.

  I developed this site to help other people that may struggle in silence:

  • With chronic – under the radar – health problems: and I don’t refer only to the diseases, but that sensation of not feeling at your best – fatigued, mentally exhausted, tummy not quite right etc.
  • With other life challenges like life/work balances, relationships.

  All this are stresses that we all tend to ignore but they affect us everyday. And sooner or later they will affect our health and life on everyday bases.

  I am trying my best to keep the information as simple and clear as possible. There are a lot of medical and specialty terms in the information that I use as my reference. But using them may make the articles hard to read. I am trying to write in such a way that everyone will understand even if you are not familiar with the medical terminology.

  Also, as much as I try to cover the topics there is still a lot of information out there. While I strive and I hope that I went quite deep on each topic, I also hope that you will continue your journey to health and happiness and go beyond this site and if I helped you even a little bit – I will be happy that I achieved my goal set when I created this site.

  PS: AliExpress website is here because I found to be the best place (quality and price wise) to shop for a lot of items. And once you also lose weight while getting healthy – you don’t need to spend a fortune redoing your wardrobe ­čÖé