I am not a doctor – so I can’t help you with any medical advises. For these you will need to consult your doctor. But you will find (on the bottom of each page) medical articles on which I based my information. My advise is that after you read the information I presented – to print the references and have a discussion with your doctor.

  While I can’t help you medically, I am a certified Life Coach and Professional Engineer (PEng). So I can┬ácounsel and encourage you in taking the best decisions in your personal life.


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  Here I will talk about relationships in general – everyday, work, close family and friends and how they can improve our health and well being.

  Also, I will talk about when they become toxic and will impact not only general health but our self esteem and our all life. How they can trigger depression, anxiety, PTSD and even worse – cardiovascular problems. And I will touch on the fact that sometimes the best solution is just to leave this situations if you value your own life. And these facts apply to both sexes.