Men Understanding Women

  I am not a doctor – so I can’t help you with any medical advises. For these you will need to consult your doctor. But you will find (on the bottom of each page) medical articles on which I based my information. My advise is that after you read the information I presented – to print the references and have a discussion with your doctor.

  While I can’t help you medically, I am a certified Life Coach and Professional Engineer (PEng). So I can┬ácounsel and encourage you in taking the best decisions in your personal life.


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  Here I will continue the discussion under the “Women Health” topic. I will show that men and women can live a happy and calm life if we understand what is driving some of our reactions.

  I agree that women may be emotional and sometimes come across too strong. But a real man will be willing to listen and understand that this is a normal situation based on very natural factors out of any woman control. Is a totally natural situation- as “mother nature” (or you may prefer “God” made us). And everyone needs to understand and respect if not women directly at least Gods command to love, understand and respect each other.