Paleo and Keto My Way, Tips

  I am not a doctor – so I can’t help you with any medical advises. For these you will need to consult your doctor. But you will find (on the bottom of each page) medical articles on which I based my information. My advise is that after you read the information I presented – to print the references and have a discussion with your doctor.

  While I can’t help you medically, I am a certified Life Coach and Professional Engineer (PEng). So I can counsel and encourage you in taking the best decisions in your personal life.


  Please read also the Lectins, the Evil Protein. It will explain certain facts about why you have gut issues and weight gain.

  So, now that I hope you read through the bases of paleo and keto diets I will talk a bit about what I took out of them. And also tips based on my experience and the road blocks I bumped into.

  First I want to say that I don’t feel in any way I am dieting. I find it to be only a lifestyle change. I will admit that in search for refining it I sometimes stray away and , yes, I paid for it with not feeling at my best – and, yes, even putting a bit of weight back. Second, doesn’t matter how good is your diet, your well being depends also on other factors, like financial stress, relationships – and I don’t mean only the person next to you but the work relationships, friends around you etc. So, try to manage your stress, try to strike a balance, try to find a way to get some peace of mind. I know is not easy. I am like everyone of you – went through hard times and heart breaks. Always try to set realistic goals in everything in life. And most of all look hard and work hard in finding that real friends that will be there for you when you are in need. I will always say they are the biggest riches and treasures in life. Material things are coming and going but true real friends are there until the end.

  Now, turning back to diets. Every time I tried to listen to the classical recommendations (food guidelines) about low fat foods and lots of veggies I found myself always hungry and feeling quite not well. And got me to the size you can see in the Paleo Diet page – at 106Kg (224lbs).

  But back to paleo and keto diets.

  I started first with the Paleo Diet. Not dieting – just eating the foods that a prehistoric man will eat. It got me from 106kg (224lbs) to 83kg(181lbs). But I felt that I am still missing something toward a better health. I was looking if I can find something – food wise – that will help with my struggle with Myasthenia Gravis (a neuro-muscular disease that I elaborated a bit more under Myasthenia Gravis page). And then is when I read about the Ketogenic Diet and how it increases muscle strength and help balance neurotransmitters in diseases like epilepsy. After doing a lot of reading I decided to give it a try. Of course that I read a lot of stellar reviews about how amazing is for weight loss. I thought that I can get two birds with the same stone. But I was skeptical in the same time. I gave it a try and I never regreted. Yes, I lost the weight but helped me with Myasthenia Gravis too. You can see the weight loss results under Keto Diet page. Went from 83kg (181lbs) to 73kg (161lbs) right now when I write this words. And I am still losing slowly.

  Warning: Don’t expect great results in 1 day. When I started Paleo Diet there was no change in the first week. The body was getting rid of the unhealthy stuff I got into it (bread, pasta, ice-cream etc.) and all with low fat and multigrain and other similar health claims on them. On week two I start getting a bit of weight loss but nothing serious. On the week three is when I start seeing more serious results – not only weight wise, but I got a bit more energy, the brain was feeling a bit clearer – an overall feeling of … feeling better. And that took me down to 83kg (181lbs). And that is where it stopped. I thought that there is where my body wants to stay. I learned to listen to it and not force anything that doesn’t feel right – diet/food wise. But as I said – felt that maybe is still something that may help even more. When I started Keto Diet I did the same. Just do the adjustments and see how it felt. Again in the start I didn’t see any results. But by the week two (after feeling a bit down from the induction phase – see Keto Diet page about it)… I start losing weight nicely. About 1kg (2.22lbs) per 5 days. As you approach your right weight the weight loss will start slowing down until is stopping where your body feels is best for it. Again – I always listen to my body. I never try to push. Doing that – you set yourself up for failure.

  So, in the end what I found that works the best for me is to take in consideration both diets. Eat like a prehistoric man will eat and fits in the Keto Diet. What is amazing is that just a week or two after you start – you don’t feel so hungry anymore!

  Another issue is the fact that a lot of people don’t have the budget to go all organic and meaty. May not be easy but if for example you switch from chicken to pork to fish to beef and even if sometimes is not so organic – I find that the budget is not affected too much. For example most canned wild salmon has only water and salt added. Always you need to check the ingredients. Adding to the meat protein one or two eggs and some pickled vegies (I always had problems with fresh veggies and fruits due to their fructose content) and few olives – makes quite a great and well fulfilling combination for a full day.

  What I found most challenging is that with all this combination is still hard to get the 75% fat (you remember the standard keto has this macros: 75% fat, 20% protein and only 5% carbs). And if you don’t keep that 75% fat you will not feel good at all. Your body needs a source of energy. It burns fat or carbohydrates for it. Low carb, low fat will set you for disaster. But was looking like impossible to reach that mark. Until reading around and experimenting – I got to these solutions:

  • If you like coconut oil: You can use it to cook your food as well as smear a bit on your eggs or even add it to your tea or coffee. Or even more extreme just eat a touch as is. The great thing about coconut oil (beside that is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viruses and anti-parasites) is that is pure fat – so will get you fast at that 75% mark. Also, the fats in coconut oil are quite different from the ones in other oils. They are converted directly in energy instead of being stored as fat in the body. Please read Dr. Axe site for coconut oil benefits 20 Coconut Oil Benefits & Side Effects
  • Buletproof Brain Octane: It contains only one of the oils that forms the coconut oil: Caprylic Acid (C8). This is an oil that is absorbed very fast by the body and used right away as energy and brain fuel. Also help balance the overgrowth of yeast in the gut. (So, if your tummy starts rumbling and feels bad – you have the answer: too much bad bacteria in the gut. In this case use coconut or MCT Oil. You will not get any reaction at all. They are still killing the bad bacteria but in much slower and calmer way.) Half tablespoon in my coffee or tea is all it takes to give me a nice energy through the day. Has absolutely no taste. And doesn’t feel greasy at all. I don’t feel it at all in my coffee. You can use it in the salads too. But is not good for cooking. The oil doesn’t resist at high temperatures. You may find it in a local health store. But here are the links to the places I get it. Saves me the extra trip to the health store 🙂 The first price is for 437ml.
  • MCT Oil: If the price for Buletproof Brain Octane seems a bit high. A second choice is the MCT oil. The oil has the same composition as the coconut oil but is processed to be liquid. Coconut oil compared with Buletproof Oil contains also Capron Acid (C6), Capric Acid (C10) and Lauric Acid (C12). The body absorbs a bit slower these oils. But, again, they are turned in energy. The body doesn’t store them. Once more you can use it in the salads, coffee too. Doesn’t have any taste. But is not good for cooking. The oil doesn’t resist at high temperatures. You may find it in a local health store. Here are the links to the places I get it online. Saves me the extra trip to the health store 🙂 The first price is for 947ml.
  • Caprylic Acid capsules: One of the oils that forms the coconut oil: Caprylic Acid. The same ingredient in Brain Octane. Again, that means that also helps balance the overgrowth of yeast in the gut. (So, if your tummy starts rumbling and feels bad – you have the answer: too much bad bacteria in the gut. In this case use coconut or MCT Oil. You will not get any reaction at all. They are still killing the bad bacteria but in much slower and calmer way.)

  And you may say how I can drink coffee when keto diet is against it. As I said I made a combination of both the Paleo and Keto diet. I still enjoy a sweet potato or some beans from time to time. And even an occasional drink. As I said I am not crazy about dieting. You need to do what works for you and something that may give you the confidence that you can live with this lifestyle for the long run.

Trick: You may ask yourself how you can figure out the macros (percentages of fat, protein, carbs) in your meals. There are three applications that you can add to your smartphone: fatsecret, myfitnesspal and myplate. All off them have also supporting websites: fatsecret, myfitnesspal and myplate. I personally use fatsecret. I like its simplicity. But I will advise you to get a look at all of them and choose the one that best fits you. All of them will track your macros perfectly.

  Also, if you want to go very precisely and figure your own macros – I found this Keto Calculator to be amazing. You will need to know your BMI to get the right macros. So while I have a high view BMI chart under Weight page – here is a more detailed and easier to follow BMI chart.

Trick: I am quite sensitive to coffee. I enjoy it’s taste but for most of my life I stayed away from it. Most of women will know what I talk about. That until I found this trick. Put about 100mg l-theanine in your coffee cup. All jitters will be gone and none of other side effects that us women tend to get from it. Not only that but seems that your concentration will be a notch higher. 100mg worked like a charm for me. But people reported that the amount that worked for them was as little as 50mg and as high as 200mg to get the same effect. So, play with it. If you get sleepy then means you are putting too much. If you are still all jittery – then is too little. The capsules are usually coming in 200mg, So you may need to do an eye measurement 🙂 I use the Organika brand. I used only ones the AOR when I run out of Organika and they had only the AOR in stock. I didn’t find any difference between them as results – so I don’t know where the difference in price is coming from. Also, if you buy from other sources, please, read careful the ingredients. Sellers tend to mix it with inositol or magnesium. And I don’t have any clue if the combination will work.

Trick: Snacking may be another thing that you may struggle with. While almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds seem to be a nice snack. I find that I tend to eat more that I will like when I start snacking on them. Feels like an “addiction” to them. What I found that worked even better, and stops me in time, are the Cacao Beans. I really enjoy them but after 3 I just can’t eat another one. Very filling in no time.

Trick: Most of all check the label when you buy something. For example bacon is one of the nice things you can enjoy on the keto diet. Find that while the front label was an organic bacon turning around to the ingredients it was showing brown sugar beside salt. That is not at all something you want to eat. Your carbs will go out the roof from only one slice.